Sunday, August 17, 2008


Yoz... Just wanna write to destress... If i had any stress now tat is.

Today is progress report 2 day (PR2 for short). I dunno why but i just have this peace tat passes all understanding. This inner peace tat runs through my veins. Thank God for it cause ian is like some dinosaur now like his gonna bit me off anytime. ^^ so yeah i've decided to irritate him more by blogging :P wahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

Haiz anyways how's life yea... er..... been ok ohohoh ! Yeah we had this soccer tournment at SP organized by NYP in the name of Campus Crusade :) Super fun! why ? CAUSE WE WON!!!! WOHOO!!!! and we had only like 2 supporters and the other team had like 50 >.< let me give you the scores

Qualifying rounds
1st game
0 0

2nd game
4 3

3rd game
TP VS Staff Team
4 1

Semi-Finals ( The most challenging game of all)
4 4
Won via PK shootout score 2-0 (Our keeper saved all woots!!!)

TP NS NYP(All starz) They took their best 5 to play wif us and told them to play rought =.=
4 2

WAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VICTORY !!!!!!!! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Too bad we only got a small medal for our efforts the torphy i gave to the tp staff cause they say need to return one so yeah i dun wanna return one so i dun wanna take either :P

But better than nothing lar :P
a medal will do fine wif me :)

signing off now :P cya!!! Pray for me :) for my PR2 :) to go well weeee.....!!!!!!