Thursday, May 31, 2007

Term Test

Need serious prayer for my term test

4 subjects :

maths 3

principle of microwave

principle of telecommunication

Mircro-Circuitboard Technology

subjects i think i can pass : 0

subjects that need serious prayer : all of the above

subjects that i'm studying now: maths 3 , pom , pot

subject that i dun have a clue : MCT

how am i feeling now : SUPER SCARED LA!!!!!!!!

tks i think i've said enough XD back to the study mobile!!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

i'm sick and term test is next week!!

keep me in prayer la term test next week i'm very sick this week have lab test and presentation i hope i can survive this week and i need alot of catchin up to do study study study stress stress stress going to die soon pls keep on praying for me =) bb

Saturday, May 26, 2007


team: EasyCompany
EC TyRaNtT (nicholas) StRiKeR (CaPtain)
EC LaNeZ (dennis) LaSt MaN (V.CapTain)
EC FaTtYBoMb (robin) MiD FiElD (CoUnCiL)
EC fAiTh (jun lin) DeFeNdER
EC RePtILe (Rui Long) DeFeNdER

(The RaNdoMS)
EC AnTiPhOnIx (IaN) MaNaGeR (NeGoCiaToR)
EC FeVeR (gRaCe) Head Of CheerLeaders (CheerLeader 1)
EC SubWaY (Li MiN) V. MaNaGeR (CheerLeader2)

position : CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
road to fame :
1st game : EC(2) vs NSmen(0)
2nd game : EC(1) vs SP(0)
3rd game : EC(5) vs A2(1)

EC(2) vs Spain(0)

EC(1) vs GameOver(0)

prize: TROUPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Number of other trouphies won: THIS THE FIRST ONE WE WON AS A TEAM!!!!!!!!!

final words : GOGOGOGOG ECCCCC FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!

upcoming events : JERSEY COMING UP SOON!!!!!!!!!!

enough said =)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sleepless nights......

stress sleepless nights thinking of all my stuff .....

currently no insiration to continue writing songs hope the insiration comes back soon!!!!

must turn more people to become my prayer warriors XD cause i need alot of prayer !!XD

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

close to death

NEED serious prayer

Why i need serious prayer
  1. Quiz + Labtest + Term Test + presentations + projects
  2. To help cope wif the stress i'm getting from point (1)
  3. read the above to points again ........

Hmmm......... Job AVAILABLE
Pay : $0,000,000/per hour

first come first serva basic if no one is found 1 will be picked by me.

persons i'm going to pick
  1. ben(tpcrusade)
  2. ben(tpcrusade)
  3. ben(tpcrusade)
  4. read the above 3 options again