Saturday, June 30, 2007


POWER LA just came back from the stadium. SUPER SHIOK to watch at national stadium somemore this was the last game before they will demolish it to built the new national stadium the atmosphere there was estatic the people there were garang man the match was entertainin even we lost 3 - 0 i got to see vuduka, kewell (dunno how to spell) no sign of cainhill leh we suspect he went over to the indoor stadium to see christian UGLYGORILLA's concert cause he came to singapore warmed up with the players BUT never played -.-" so where else could he be -.-"

Anyways we need the kallang wave IT REALLY FELT GREAT the kallang ROAR and got to see FIREWORKS at the end the whole thing was really a blast POWER never felt so hyped up for anything before so hyped up that i lose my voice shouting during the match . Was really nice Next time i sure bring EC go watch ECouting!!! go watch sure song one

Then we had one aussie stand up say singapore lousy after aus scored their first goal. And EVERYONE stood up and scolded him HAHAHA i never saw the people of singapore so united before it was Boom boom boom boom booom BUTO!!!! XD hahaha IN ONE ACCORD and WE WERE FILLED WITH JOY!!!!! but he still kept taunting us so after the game the police had to ESCORT him out if not we would had intrudced him to singapore's RATED most fav dish "CURRY FISH HEAD" where FISH HEAD = HIS HEAD XD haha

i was so happy as he was walking out EVERYONE threw cans plastic bottles balloons at him XD haha and the policeman DIDN'T EVEN TRY TO STOP US XD haha i guess he was on our side as well hahaha

i really had a great time there next time you all must come along too its really an experience of a life time =)

BUT of course it will NEVER be the same cause the national stadium is going to be demolished the next outing we will be gathering to watch soccer in out NEW NATIONAL STADIUM HUAT AH!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait for that day to come !!!!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rankings for Easy Company Update

2nd Squard Captain lEClSuBwAy
2nd Squard V.Captain lEClG-MaN

3rd Squard Captain lEClTyRaNtT

4th Squard Captain lEClFeVeR

6th Squard Captain lEClDeTtOl
6th Squard V.Captain lEClJeMx (shall be officially welcome soon)

7th Squard Captain lEClAnTiPhOnIx

8th Squard Captain lEClFaTtYbOmB

10th Squard Captain lEClTeLePoRtEr

11th Squard Captain lEClRePtIlLe
11th Squard V.Captain lEClAnGeLz

13th Squard Captain lEClFaItH
13th Squard V.Captain lEClRifFZ (shall be officially welcome soon)

this are the latest update in ranks
and pls read the below post too =)

i now know who to call brother and who to just call friends forever

Yesterday i screwed up REALLY bad playing my guitar dunno why my crusader ppl have LM on a steep down slope part of bedok resevior wif uncut grass (which i am SERIOUSLY ALEGIC TO) but never thats not the point. The point i nicholas chan screwed worst that i ever did before playing the guitar. I could not hold my guitar properly cause no strip could not see the chords cause everyone was standing up and i COULD not see the chords then just forget about me leading.
it was a total screw up i never felt so down and depressed in my ENTIRE LIFE. SO EMBARRASING MY FACE THROW TILL NOTHING LEFT ALREADY (at that moment after the first song i REALLY WANTED TO GO HOME AND NEVER TURN BACK EVER AGAIN)forget the crusade forget the people in crusade FORGET EVERYTHING! at that very moment. Yesterday evening was rated the day i will PAY ANY PRICE TO FORGET. i never felt so low and down EVER before . If not for GOD's voice in my heart tell me to stay and a sudden peace that the holy spirit imparted in me. I WOULD HAD REALLY LEFT WIF NO TURNING BACK.


THANK GOD I STAYED cause happen after that was something i would never expect. By then my eyes changed to my angry , upset and depressed eyes those that at least know me better would had felt and seen that change . However those that saw that was the surprise it was those that did not know me those i never talk to often those that i usually just say hi and bye that came and talk to me first. It was those year 1 ok la and jess she was the first that saw it after her was all year 1 which really took me by surprise. Cause seeing what they did and how the spend so much time even through my dinner to try to console me really touched my deeply (of course i won't show it la must act manly) however my spirits was really touched my their actions i never thought they amoug all people would come and talk to me . Dinner after that was really bad i lost complete appitite and could not even finish a small plate a fried rice WHICH was actually nice just that i no appitite to finish it.

Then after i left the year 1 msged me and ask me to keep strong then came other msgs from other ppl like yap and grace. (And i really thank you for showing your concern) gimme a few weeks and let me recover from this heavy blow before askin me to do anything STUPID again. -.-"

i am deeply touched by those to show care to me.
What i feel now can my discribe in the below java scrips try to understand it ok :

if(show concern to nicholas yesterday)
System.out.println("Tks Really appriciated that, i felt really loved by what you did");
System.out.println("thank GOD that he said love your ENIMIES as yourself in the bible");

Friday, June 22, 2007

my holiday

well holidays is officially over school starting soon le and i've done nothing much XD haha
going back to sch just to await death when i see my term test results and vomit blood.......

hmmm....... highlights of this holiday
  • Bible Camp
  • trip to mines wif crusaders
  • trip to sentosa wif crusaders
upcoming events
  • My cunning plan
  • time to catch up wif Yvonne
hmmm... i have alot of say actually this are just pointers to remain me what i must do =)
honestly specking the trip to sentosa was the most enjoyable one i had ever went to
and its the first time i enjoyed myself at sentosa. von (yvonne) told me its the company that makes the difference and i guess i have to fully agree wif her on that. Luckly i brought dennis robin and ian not i dun get to play beach soccer and when i dun play soccer i get really cranky and its will just ruin the whole day. so lucky 2nd i begin to understand why so many boys play beach volleyball now-a-days of course its for the pretty girls i also play cause have pretty girls playing how ever the game is SUPER FUN TOO i like the diving parts where i dived to saved the ball not to forget the FLAMBOYENT BICYCLE KICKED which i did and saved my team XD
HUAT AH!! so power . hmmm........ then at dinner time tio tao by one girl dun wanna say who ah cause later cannot device my cunning plan on her ...... must wait anyways if she every read this i maybe JUST maybe i will not have any cunning plan for her cause now sch reopen le i no mood and energy to bully her le when i get back my results i will be very down *hint hint* all those chio bu reading my blog ah you know le ah who to cheer up this few weeks cause usually when i get my marks back i will become really sad anyways during the camp i change in many ways however now it seems like i'm going back to the way i was before NOO i now need people to guilde me in my spiritual walk and chio bu to lighten my life up and give me the strength to carry on in life .

oh yes lastly yvonne went to chat wif her today found out that she was just about to call me when i msg her LOL *SIANSATION* but nvm she was very tired too so forget it la this coming weeks her exams so KEEP HER IN PRAYER DUNNO HER STILL PRAY HOR!!! after that i wanna jio her go out le catch up wif her cause long time never see her le

(for those that dunno who is von just call police (",) and ask them lor)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

lEasyCompanyl Bleach style!!

The 13 div captains

lEClSuBwAY 2nd Div. CaPTaIn

lEClTyRaNtT 3rd Div. Captain
lEClAnGeLz 3rd Div. V.Cap

lEClG-MaN 4th Div. Captain
lEClFeVeR 4th Div. V.Cap

lEClDeTtoL 6th Div. Captain

lEClAnTiPhoNiX 7th Div. Captain

lEClFaTtYbOmB 8th Div. Captain

lEClTeLePoRteR 10th Div. Captain

lEClRePtILe 11th Div. Captain

lEClFaItH 13th Div. Captain
lEClRifFz 13th Div. V.Cap

the other remainin captains slots are still open
for others to join

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back revived recharged and on FIRE FOR GOD!!!!

This bible camp is rated "THE BEST " camp i have attended so far in my 18 years of my life. However it did not start off that great.

i missed a good date wif a pretty girl leh so sad she jio me go watch shriek3 then in the end have this camp then cannot go wa SIANSATION LA!! However i watched sherik3 in the end la at malaysia BWHAHAHA CHEAP AND GOOD!

okok now about the camp my main motive as usual was actually to get to know more chio bu haha sure one la . Then when i saw the campers have chio ones la but too bad all older than me . So of course try to get to know them all la. (this was my thoughts before the sermon).

However the specker of this camp pr phill " WAS DA BOMB!!!" his a powerful man of GOD. and GOD is using him in many many ways. His sermons are sharp and straight to the point i really felt the spirit imparted upon my heart to go to the alter call and it was in a STRONG HEART TROBBING VOICE IN WHICH I COULD NOT IGNORE. Then after that 1st alter call the entire camp changed for me for better or worst its up to you to decide la . Cause i during the first alter call i felt this churning in my heart and no longer did i really care about talking to the chio bu or wat. GOD too that feeling away from me . Instead i begin to look forward to the word of every confrence day or night . ALways i'll make myself ready and prepared to get another powerful blow from GOD every single session and made it a point to not miss ANY blessings or alter calls. i could care less for the chi bu anymore . Instead i was yerning for GOD thristing for his word like blood hounds thrist for fresh blood everynight i enjoyed basking in GOD's presense.

The most amazing thing that made me relised that i've change was that i throughout the whole camp didn't really wanna to joke or talk so much to the chio bu or their friends . Everynight i didn't really bother to stay up late or call people or disturb anyone i was preparing and making myself ready for the next morning's confrence ready and prepared to feel that gush of fresh wind upon my stagnant spiritual walk wif GOD. And also for the first time i was really bored of the GAMES!! i was scared that i will use up too much energy that i have non left for the evening confrence XD LOL ...

overall this camp really touched my greatly i was blessed deeply by this camp.GOD thorough the specker clearfy alot of things and confirmed some of the many promises he placed over my life and i also found out that i have the gift of prophecy XD my first CANDIDATE : daniel XD haha i hope what i told him was accurated cause my GOD internet speed ain't that fast YET!! HOWEVER i would like to change that SOON! XD haha

kayes i think its too wordly but this is my testimony la hope you like it God Bless You!

Friday, June 8, 2007


HUAT AH!!!! this exams is all nonsense i manage to get past it XD BWHAHA NOW ITS TIME TO PARTY!!!!

Friday, June 1, 2007


The History of EasyCompany

Founder : lEClTyRaNtT (Nick)
(Leaders) lEClDeTtoL (Dennis)

SubCom: lEClFaTtYBoMb (Robin)
(Council) lEClFaItH (Jun Lin)

Sponsers :
lEClAnTiPhoNix (Ian)
lEClFeVeR (Grace)
lEClSuBwAy (Li Min)

lEClRePtiLe (Rui Long)

Other Current Members :

lEClAnGeLz (Melissa)
lEClG-MaN (GleNn)
lEClTeLePoRtEr (NiGeL)
lEClRiFfz (RifKeY)

HoW to join :

  1. Must Be Good In Soccer
  2. Must have High Work Rate
  3. Must have good team-works
  4. Listen in match to captains
  5. Not good nvm must have money can le (",)
EasyCompany Motto : You Will Never Stand Alone

Member Fired due to non-satisfactory conduct :

lEClZiDaNe (Desmond)

Member that i'm thinking of inviting (ATM):