Friday, July 20, 2007

10 resons WHY is harry potter such a DUMB show

1. Cause the name of the school's principle is DUMB-OLD-DOOR

2.Harry's house is GRIEFING-DOOR

3. Harry's nemesis is called FOLD-THE-MOP

4. Harry's 2 best friends are HER-MONEY and WRONG

5. Harry's other friend is called HAG-RAT

6. Harry and friends study at HOG-WORDS (eg : oink! )

7. Harry Potter uses spells like STUPID-FLY and EXPECT-2-PETROL-LA!

8. The scar on Harry's forehead simply means his LIGHTENING-TYPE and nothing else.

9. The Prison name in Harry potters is ASK-AH-BAN

10. LASTLY harry's name is HARRY-BO-TE ( BO-TE means not around in hokkien )


nicholas chan

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The time has come ..........Bankai!!!!!!!!

Quiz 2 around the corner and finals just behind it. Project deadlines are nearing and all that now i'm really feeling stress must start to work hard i wanna up my GPA cause its too low now all tks to Digital fund 1 and -.- babi gimme that stupid sub paper now my GPA so low.

=======My Cunning Plan=========

my goal : Win my rival in this quiz 2

final goal : get 2.5 and above by 3.1

What must i do to get there: average grade of all subjects C+ to B and above

what subjects i now needa work on to get that grade : telecom principle , MCT , JaP

what subjects i needa maintain : java , Microwave , maths 3

what subject i've already passed : apel -.- XD haha

What i really need to do now : Pray and get more ppl to pray for me

What angels did GOD send me this sem : Math, telecom, java, telecom (LAB) & MCT teacher

What demons visit me this sem : Telecom tuitoral teacher

What power do i need to get rid of my problem : student - teacher evaluation form.

Why can't i get it : Cause TP knows that the whole class is going to flame him.

What else do i lack this sem : A few Indian angels and pretty girls.

Why Can't i get them : Cause the indians have been grabed by Other indians and the girls....Well it's just one BIG sad story.

What i thank GOD for this sem : My grades have been improving slowly but steadly.

What i want GOD to do for me this sem : get my GPA to 2.25 and above.

What i need you to Pray for me : Higer GPA, wisdom & understanding in my school work

Why you must pray for me : Cause you must GOD told me to tell you to pray for me

Anything else i want to say : Nothing

Anything other than what i just said : Nothing

Thank you message : Thank you

Good Bye Message : Good- Bye

Emoticon : Y(^.^)Y

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exiting programme

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

thank GOD for everything

this post would be me thanking all those that prayed for me during my exams


me i really wanna thank you for all the prayers!! CAUSE IT WORKED i passed all
i did not do too good and i did not do too bad either i'm quite happy wif my results especially that
40/50 lab test results SUPER HAPPY over it !!!!!!

tks all (and i still owe yapmin lunch -.-" )
oi how to treat you if your so busy -.-"