Friday, August 3, 2007

sad days my life is just going down the drain............

things that need prayer/expected grades :

MCT project /B

Java project/B+

Jap Presentation 2 /B+

Things to thank GOD for :

Telecom Principles / A

Jap Listening Test / A

Jap Culture test / B

Things that need Prayer :

Maths Quiz2 / A

Expected Results for this Sem 2.1 :







GPA for this sem if achieve predicted grade :


so my total GPA will go up to :

??????? maybe 2.25 XD i hope

what i want my total GPA to be after this sem :

My total GPA >= 2.25

Prayers need in total :

just keep praying everytime you think of me

Why are my Prayers Expected to be fullfilled:

i believe in GOD's promises and his power to fullfill prayers

i believe in the power of Prayer.

Which of HIS promised i claim to make this come true :

Ask and if shall me given unto you

Seek and ye shall find

Knock and the door shall be open

~Matt 7:7~


Call unto me and i will show you great and mighty things which you cannot imagine

~Jerimaiah 33:3~


My Prayer (Pray this for me if you cannot think of a prayer for me) :

Lord i'm Asking for you to pull up my (Nicholas) GPA to 2.25 or more.
Lord i'm seeking the help or any angel then you send down to earth and put in my (nicholas's) way to help and guilde me (him) And i'm knocking upon heaven's gates aka staff room and hope to find everything i need to know there so that i(nicholas) can do WELL for this coming exam.
it is written "call unto me and you will answer me and show me (nicholas) great and mighty things which cannot me imagines i pray that you will work your wonders once more in my (nicholas's) life and that i will do well in this coming end of term exams i pray all this is JESUS'S name


tks for praying !!!!! dun like my prayer make your own =P

tks to all!!!!