Friday, March 28, 2008

Thailand trip

This is the first time i cried so so so much on a mission trip. Hey but dun you dare think i'm soft.
Cause really GOD really broke my heart for what broke his. When i saw the Hmong the way they lived. The type of faith they had really puts us singaporeans to shame.

i'm really lost for words right now
wanna hear more meet me or call me reallly if i type i think i'll take like 2 to 3 hours
thats how much things happen

summary we save 100 lives in 10 days :)
GOD's blessing was wif us and throught HIM and only by HIM were the lives saved
LET ALL PRAISE BE TO GOD here's our team's blog go read. Everything is there

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Team Thailand (A Life Changing Expirience)

Hey all finally decided to blog again because this thailand trip really. i have too much to say le. And i'm so lazy to type.

Let me give you some brief summary.
10 things i've learn

1) Miracles happen because GOD wants it to happen
2) GOD works Not you
3) Do not take credit away from GOD
4) Do not think it was cause of You things happen
5) GOD can use anybody
6) Do Not try to understand how GOD works
7) Work according to GOD's plan if yours is not from GOD or you haven't consulted him Scrap it
8) Be still and listen to GOD.
9) Always Let GOD take all glory and honor for it belongs to him in the first place
10) read 1 to 9 again.

We'll try to give you a more detailed version when i return i guess this it for now.


Monday, March 3, 2008

Nicolas Chan's back

hey finally back exams over i really hope that i can up my GPA by 0.37 :S. Well thinking i'm just thinking of what to blog about. i finally came out wif something to blog about . i think i will blog about my change i believe that those that know me from year 1 will know how i was then and how much i've changed since then. Well why i never do well in year one. Answer is simple never study lor i'm a guy that is very driven but only to the things that i wanna do. If its something i have totally no intrest then you have nothing to expect from me cause i too will give you nothing. Want me to work for you simple make the thing you want me to do something that's benificial to me.

Anyways i took subpaper when i was in 1.1 and that really woke me up and made me relise that i have to chiong my studies so yea i did chiong my studies and then the grades got from Cs to Bs and to As soon enough.

i saw people getting good marks and i really had this thinking if they can do it so can i. i believe that in this world there are people that are born smart . However i also believe that wif hard-work and the right tactics even people like me that is not born clever can make it and get marks the clever people can get and wif that i worked my butt of this sem wif that goal in mind and i really hope i get my targtetted marks :)

i went for super teens tat camp was really meant for the sec sch i was the only one from poly and i missed one week of sch just to go and the best part was that when i came back i had 1 week to study for mid term test. winner yes i know but i really felt it was worth my while . i learnt so much in there those around me saw that i was different. They taught me that its not how good you are tat matters its how good you want to be! and i really really liked that line!!!

So yea to all those who actually does read my blog i just got this to say from a slacker to a study freak is not the change it was a soccer fanatic to a studies fanatic tats all it was just my focus was else where not that i was a slacker . Get your facts right before you label people and please at least get to know the person true and true before you label them.

Guess tats all i have to say
bye all! till next time!