Sunday, September 23, 2007

my life

In this exams i finally got the meaning when ppl say study hard play hard. This sem's results was the best results i got since i came into poly. This coming sem i hope i can get 3.0 and above last sem almost 3.0 this coming sem try get 3.0 and higher can pull my GPA up by 0.03. Now my goal is this coming sem get 3.0 GPA and above and long term goal is to grad wif a 3.0 GPA it maybe hard but now after this sem . i Begin to find great joy studying now that i found my study budies and classmates that actually really believe wif all their heart that i can do well. That was the only thing that made me carry on pushin myself and getting the results i got this sem. Cause GOD place people in my life that really beleive wif all their heart that i could do well.

i'm always used to ppl tellling me that i can at the back of their head thinking how badly i'll fair. This sem i prooved alot of ppl wrong and i intend to continue doing it till i shut all their thoughts out. Seriously the only motivation that drove me to insanity and that made me study is ANGER,HATE ,MURDOROUS INTENT(i know i sound like itachi) .Everytime when i get stuck at problems or anything i also imagine those people that i know say i can do it just for the sake of saying that and dun meant it. i imagine them and that gives me motivation to carry on and prove them wrong (actually i imagine myself bashing them up that gives me joy then i can continue studying knowing that they are been wacked up by me BWHAHAHAHAHAHA)

i really wished i met up wif this people before i met the other ppl cause the other ppl which i imagine wacking up are people i actually call friends(people that know me for more than 3 years are not in that list btw) . But in time all will change i really hope GOD send me someone that will take care of me and stuff soon (pls let it be a pretty chinese christian girl) =) haha

anyways thats all i wanna say


(just wanted to vent everything out)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

There can be miracles when you believe

this sem is one big miracle for me =) my previous post was my expected grades and this is my actual grades

Telecom C+
Advance Java B
Jap B
Microwave B+
Math B+

overal GPA this sem 2.917


INCREASE MY 0.33 !!!!!!

HUAT AH 0.17 more to 2.5!!!!!!

HUAT AH!!!!!!

i thank GOD for wat his DONE!!!