Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Go Back to basics

i'll be song leading this sunday at my church although its small its still scary. Anyways i was thinking of wat songs to pick then i came across this song which really woke me up.

Christians now-a-days are so weak if i may use the word. Their minds are easily swayed by this world alittle rumour here alittle rumour their and their faith shakes like an earthquake. This got me thiking God place upon me this gift of being able to elaborate things in the bible in a different way in a way that anyone young or old will understand and because of this my calling is all about sharing the GOOD NEWS with others. And the thing GOD told me to share today is about the problem that Christian face today their identity a few questions and their will be doubting if GOD still loves them or not well it will take hours to explain and even longer to answer your questions about this subject so GOD showed me this one way to explain everything crystal clearly.

So listen up to this song

Jesus loves me this i know

For the bible tells me so

Little ones to him belong

They are weak but he is strong




for the bible tells me so...

And with this i conclude my post i believe i've made my point.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Techman ?? Whats The matter wif you!!

This post will be my tribute to that guy that went to jail stealing a $100 bible from techman. I dun really understand why he stole from techman. Maybe he found it very isolated and stuff. Maybe its cause no one usually goes to that place. However the fact that he went to steal a bible does not make him a bad person to me. He stole a bible cause his old one was torned and he had no money to buy a new one. COME ON LA! Yes the bible teach us not to steal . It also does teach us to give to the poor does it not ? when i saw this in the papers yesterday i took it as a wake up call for christians all around. Is a human life worth $100 to you ?? That bible could had ment the world to that guy. i'm very sure he would had pleaded for his freedom. For forgiveness a 2nd chance is all he asked and you just could not give him that ?? Whats wrong wif you ??? GOD gave you chances after chance didn't he?? Everytime you dissapointed him he forgives you. And you CANNOT forgive this man tat stole a $100 bible ?? Dun kid me la everyone or at least most ppl i know , knows that bible selling price is $100 however buying price is so cheap cause you buy in bulk and also from other countries like the phillipines where bibles and other books are sold so cheap when you convert to SGD minus here minus there you could most prob bought an NIV for $50( INCLUSIVE shipping cost) . And you cannot forgive taht man ? He Stole the bible not some story book The bible AND of all bookstore from a christian bookstore????? Where is the empathy that christians should have?? where is the unconditional love that Jesus spend his whole life trying to teach us?? Have they fallen on deaf ear . You have a shop full wif christian book which are filled wif promises GOD left in the bible a shop tat suppose to be glowing wif the love a christ BUT sad to say no to TECHMAN the bible is just another book. Sadly TECHMAN fill wif christian book it is, but a beating heart it has none. Your a DISGRACE to christians all over the world. Yesterday when i read the papers about the incident i NEVER felt so ashamed to be called a CHRISTIAN before in my life. TECHMAN made christian seem like stingy business man. TECHMAN you grew part of this world and repent now for your days maybe numbered.

However kneel know and beg for forgives for wat you done was wrong. Even the judge who never state if he was a christian or not was KIND enough to give him a bible. i dun think you are FIT to run a christian book store you do not have enough love to run it. Then you may say business around your area is not going well bla bla bla....... Well i guess we ALL now know why cause the hand of GOD and his blessings wif it has left you place. Who knows wat dwells benieth the mask that you call a face. The amour that you call skin. god no more is GOD in your place , you have given him up for MONEY . Repent now for our GOD is a forgiving one , but forget not this incident cause you scared the life of one boy. That because of this incident may NEVER become a christian again . His blood is on your hands TECHMAN your shop is suppose to be a refector for GOD but no you now have another god walking around in your mist there its green and its said that he is the root of all evil ....... i really hope the TEACHMAN BOSS reads this and WAKE UP before its too late for her .......

Oh Lord i pray that you forgive the techman boss for she know not of wat she done. Forgive her short- sightedness and forgive her weak spirits that she fell pray to the world and her temptations. i pray you set a heage around her and guard her heart give back warm into her icy-cold winderland she calls a heart. i pray for that young lad tat is in prison now i pray that you give him the strength to for the techman boss i pray that he will come out of this a changed man and not a anti-christ. i pray that you use him in your ministry and may your will be done in his life. And may your will be done in the TECHMAN boss's life let this incident tug her heart strings so tat she will turn back to you.

i pray all this in Jesus's mighty name