Saturday, October 3, 2009

A poem of " NOTs"

When I was hungry you fed me NOT
When i was thirsty you quench me NOT
When i was naked you clothe me NOT
When i was waiting you seek me NOT
When i was begging you provided me NOT
When i was homeless you shelter me NOT
When i was sad you comfort me NOT
When i was in sin you stopped me NOT
When i was reaching for help you helped me NOT
When i was in need of a friend you befriended me NOT
SO when I condemn you
Blame Me NOT

Abba Father, may i hear your voice and shelter your people. May i not be selfish in my prosperity or scornful in my poverty may i life just as You lived. May people know You more by seeing Your love shine through me. Oh Lord the one thing i ask of You is to dwell in Your presence FOREVER. Father Lord i thank You for Your grace and mercies for countless times You could have strike me down and it would had been just for me to die. But instead You sent Your Son, Your ONLY Son. To die for a worthless person like me, who shows no mercy or display any grace a lying deceitful person, that only care for my own well-being.
But Father i come before you today, in my prayers to ask you earnestly for your forgiveness. May you place in me Your heart as i seek Your face more each day. Father i thank You. Indeed Your grace is sufficient for me. Thank You Lord i pray for your grace and mercy to cover me and fill me so that i will emit such qualities more each day so that others around me will know You!
In Jesus's mighty Name i pray

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