Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Major Project; Stress; Muggin; Thailand; The Mission Team

I guess the bigest battles are usually found on home soil. In thailand i could focus on helping the people there. During exam period i can fully focus on mugging.

But now when i'm back and i have so many things to juggle i think that when the real battle begines. When time is of the essience when things don't go my way. When the world seems to spin so fast. And everything i have to do remains undone. This is where the real battle begins.

As Yesterday marked the begining of trouble times as it marked the begining of my major project. I stood there in slience when my supervisor gave my buddy and me our project. A cold chill traveled down my spine as i took a moment to grasp my doom.

My project is to design a trekking device for the singapore police coast guards to enable them to be equiped with a device so that if ever they would fall off from their boat the alarm will sound and we will be able to save them in time. This was the project our seniors did what the coast guards want us to do now is too improve on it and make a device that can give them an exact location of objects or humans.

A simple one paragraph describtion maybe an understatement for the huge amount of workload that is too be done. The programming , the making of the proto-type, the satisfaction of the coast guards all these invisable problems hidden to the human eye are those that trouble me.

With all this in mind praying and staying prayer full really becomes a real problem :) But i believe that admist all these problems. I will be still and know God is there i will be still and let GOD guide me for i know who is the way the truth and the life. And i know GOD will light the way and though my world may fall i'll never let him GO.

So yeah this is my prayer request for all the really special and weird readers that read my blog. Pray for me :) Pray i will be able to overcome this problem :) and be able to score and do well in my major project :)

Thank You All

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