Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nicholas The Guitar Teacher Possible Its all up to you guys :P haha

Hey i'm Back not bloggin about life and problems this time cause i have so much so yea forget it :P wanna ask me just leave me a msg or nudge me on msn to ask me :P ok!

This post is about my start of becoming a guitar teacher!!!! i'm looking for guitar students that are willing to be taught by me. How effective its all up to you THE FORCE IS WITH YOU!!!

Anyways down to business here are the rates
1 student $180
3 student $60 each ( But must have 3 lar so form groups of 3 lor )

I teach people of all ages Learning can start anytime one !!!!!

And venue when we get the class then we decide we will decide on a place that is convenient for all the students including me and then we're set it and meet there. i'll be working under a company so there will be real grades test and exams which will earn you a real cert (not made in Malaysia one) Anyone who is intrested or knows people that are intrested pls contact me or leave a tag then i'll contact you this is serious hor dun play wif me cause if you say yes and suddenly back out i'll get into hot soup okie :)!!!!!!!

PLS CONTACT ME ASAP @93394622 !!!!!!!!! TKS

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