Thursday, June 12, 2008

Returned from bible camp Rechanged, Renewed, Refined

Woots!! Just came back from bible camp. This is one of the most trying camps i've been not because its tiring but because i had to skip school to go and in fact i'm going back to school to get an earfull from almost every teacher tat knows me. Haiz but it was Great! i was really so blessed and i am VERY VERY grateful tat i went. For the first time i saw an true blue skilled Prophet in action. His every word tat he prophesized over my life sunk in deep!!! This is the first time i encounter such a Great man of GOD tat is so sharp and in tune to GOD tat he could do this.

What he prophesize over really would seem like prasing myself so it you guys really wanna hear it tag me for it or msn me :) i shall tell you in private. But really i really enjoyed myself in GOD's presence every single service !!!!!

Our camp speaker was Pastor John Lewis (Aus) Brilliant man of GOD super power he didn't make me slp in his sermons this is a sign tat he is a SUPER SPEAKER!!!!!!!

i'm really really really so blessed tat i'm so ready to share wif anyone who tags or msn me :) so yea for the details msn me :) tks


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